Welcome Back Sue

As a life-long tooth grinder, Sue constantly suffered with loose and cracked teeth. She stopped smiling and had trouble chewing even softer food.

Now with dental implants from ClearChoice, Sue is finally able to smile confidently and eat the foods she enjoys. Watch the video or read more about her story below.

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Returning to Tradition

Sometimes, it’s the small things in life that bring us the most joy. For Sue, it’s a weekly lunch date with her sister.

“Every Thursday, we’d go to lunch together, but we had to drop some of our favorite places because I couldn’t chew the food.”

“I know she felt like she was holding people back,” said Sue’s sister, Laurel. “We couldn’t go where we wanted to eat.”

As a lifelong tooth grinder, Sue constantly suffered with loose and cracked teeth. She even chewed through mouth guards at night, which damaged her teeth and caused her severe pain. “My teeth just got worse and worse.”

Multiple dentists told her that they could only save less than half of her teeth. Sue begrudgingly accepted bridges, then later resorted to dentures, but didn’t like the way they felt in her mouth.

“I needed a restart button. When I’d walk into a room and see everyone was laughing and smiling, it would be embarrassing if I smiled, knowing that I had missing teeth. I wasn’t able to be myself.”

  • Name: Sue
  • Age: 64
  • Condition: Missing/Failing Teeth
  • Before:
    • Suffered with loose and cracked teeth
    • Couldn’t eat what she wanted
    • Abandoned tradition of dining out with sister
  • After:
    • Thinks dental implants are like her real teeth
    • Can eat the foods she enjoys
    • Improved overall quality of life
  • Advice: “My dental implants are like my real teeth. I wish I would have got them sooner.”




“But I knew I had to try something. That’s what drove me to ClearChoice.”

Sue scheduled a free consultation and told the team at ClearChoice about her dental issues and how she wanted to be able to eat the foods she enjoys. They designed secure, long-term dental implants for her on the top and bottom of her mouth.

“My dental implants are like my real teeth,” said Sue. “You don’t take them out, so you don’t have to worry about them slipping.”

Now Sue has been able to pick up where she left off with her sister, bringing the joy back to a long-standing tradition.

“I can smile, and I don’t have to worry about my teeth like I did before. I don’t have to worry about what I eat. When you can eat and smile as much as you want, it’s wonderful.”

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